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How to Take Care Waterproof Camera After Using in the Water


Waterproof camera has many features to prevent damage while it is used in water. However, it is important to take care of the digital camera after using it in the water. Remember, a proper maintenance not just enhances its lifespan but prevents frequent failure and keeps the camera in good working condition. When taking care of waterproof cameras, it is important to use only standard maintenance procedures to avoid causing internal or external damages to the camera.

Some simple tips to take care of your waterproof camera are listed below:
  • When the camera is wet donít open the battery cover or terminal cover. First wipe off any water from the camera completely using a clean lint-free cloth.
  • After winding up your underwater photography, make sure there is no sand, hair or other impurities in the camera door. Usually, impurities can make the doors to close incorrectly which might in turn increases the possibility of leaks penetrating the camera body.
  • Usually, when they are opened the inside surface of the covers may be wet. So, wipe of the water droplets from the cover properly.
  • When wiping off the camera make sure there is no sand or other particles since, they might create scratch on the camera surface. You can wash the camera in tap water to remove the sand particles and then use a soft cloth to dry it. When washing the camera make sure battery cover and terminal cover are closed firmly.
  • You need to avoid using cleaning agents such as alcohol, soapy water or mild detergents which might decline the waterproof ability of the camera.
  • You need to change the waterproof packing once a year to maintain the waterproof ability of the camera. Make sure to change the packing only in manufacturer certified service centers.
  • If the camera is dirty, you can clean the camera using tap water. But, make sure all the compartments such as battery and terminal are closed firmly to avoid internal damages.

These simple maintenance tips might assist you in taking care of your waterproof camera after using it in water.

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