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Waterproof Camera vs Underwater Housing


If you have tried underwater diving, you must be aware of the most surreal and enriching experience that underwater diving can provide you. Now, how many times, have you felt the urge to capture this wonderful world in your camera? May be a thousand times. However, the only glitch is that your old and often dependable camera doesnít work underwater. This inability to shoot under the water can spell the death knell for any budding photographer. So whatís the solution to overcome this incapability of most of these cameras?

Fortunately, the camera manufacturing companies are not oblivious to the numerous problems that budding photographers face while shooting underwater. This knowledge and the availability of cutting-edge technology have enabled them to devise numerous solutions to this problem. Two of the most effective and powerful solutions that have enabled millions of photographers to come out with the most spectacular underwater shots are; waterproof camera and underwater housing. Letís have a detailed look at each one of them and see how they can help you and which one you should choose for the best results.

What is a Waterproof Camera?

As the name suggests, the single most important purpose of a waterproof camera is to let you take fantastic underwater pictures. Apart from the diving enthusiasts, it can significantly benefit anyone who want to take pictures where the objects are in close proximity with water, for instance, your child is learning to swim or you and your friends just having a good time at the beach. These are the priceless moments that are worth capturing and you should not let the water stop you from doing so. Now, it can exactly help you to accomplish that.

A waterproof digital camera has, in fact, opened a whole new world to the budding photographers who want to experiment with the underwater photography. Now all you need is the zeal and talent to capture the most astonishing photographs and you should not worry about the environmental conditions at all. No matter, if itís heavy rain, high altitude, snow or underwater, you can trust your underwater camera for capturing the perfect shots time and again.

How to choose the best waterproof camera?

Although there is a plethora of choices in the market, you can always narrow down the choices according to your budget. After setting your budget and filtering out the choices, itís time to study your requirements. For instance, if you just need a waterproof camera for capturing the moments with your kids at the swimming pool then you donít need to opt for the expensive choices that are meant for professional underwater photographers. While choosing the best waterproof camera for you, look for the following features and specifications.

Water Resistant Depth: To determine the water resistant depth, youíll need to have knowledge of the maximum depth you will take the camera underwater. The average model can provide you a water resistivity up to a depth of 8 to 10 feet. If you need a digital camera for professional underwater photography, you can choose the high end models, which are up to 33-40 feet water resistant.

Stabilisation of the Images: Since it would be used in rough environmental conditions, it should be able to provide you the highly stabilised images even when the camera is in motion.

Temperature Tolerance: The waterproof camera that you choose should be able to withstand extreme low temperatures, ideally below 0 degree centigrade.

These are the features that you should look in a waterproof digital camera, in addition to the normal features, of any good digital camera such as battery life, focal length etc.

While many photography experts donít get tired of raving about the waterproof cameras, there are some others who like the flexibility of underwater housing that it can provide you the option of water proofing your existing camera without going for an expensive upgrade to a new waterproof digital camera. Secondly, you would not have to be bound to a particular manufacture. Letís try to get somewhat deeper and see if the underwater housing can provide you an effective solution.

What is an Underwater Housing?

As with the water proof cameras, the main purpose of the underwater housing is to protect the equipment from the water. Apart from protecting just from water, it can also provide some efficient protection from snow, sand and dust. Moreover, most of the high-end underwater housing solutions also come with additional lenses and filters.

One most important thing that you should always remember while purchasing any waterproof equipment is the fact that underwater protection is somewhat different from just protection from the water. In underwater protection, we also take into account the underwater pressure. In case of underwater housing, there are options that can only provide protection from water, such as rain, occasional splashes of water etc. Also, if you want to use the housing for diving photography, you have to go for the high-end models.

If you are still confused about which way to go, letís have a head-to-head comparison of waterproof cameras and underwater housing.
  • Water Proof Depth - The underwater housing generally provides you much more Waterproof depth (up to 100 meters) than the waterproof digital cameras.
  • Functionality in Salt Water - In salt water, you often have to clean the waterproof camera for proper functioning, but underwater housing doesnít need this type of maintenance.
  • Leakage - The waterproof digital cameras have higher chances of leakage than the underwater housing.
  • Bulkiness - The camera housing is normally bulkier. On the other hand, waterproof cameras are compact and are relatively easier to carry.
  • Rigidness - All the parts of waterproof cameras are properly tested for rigidity and normally they are drop-proof, whereas, the camera housing uses just the normal camera.
  • Availability - In case of underwater housing, there is not any universal model; all the cameras have their own specific housing model. Therefore, if you own a rare camera, you may face difficulty in finding the right housing.
  • Controls - In case of underwater housing, the actual controls are covered with a layer of waterproof protection so you may find it somewhat hard to operate them. On the other hand, the waterproof cameras work as fine in water as they do outside.

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