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Waterproof Digital Camera or Waterproof Disposable Camera?


Is it waterproof digital camera or waterproof disposable camera? Determining the best camera to spice up your underwater activities can be time consuming and frustrating task. Since, you might have to compare all the features of the waterproof camera to determine its effective performance, battery capacity and image clarity. Moreover, you must also check out its additional protective features to ensure itís secure and reliable even when you indulge in a wide range of water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, canoeing and rafting.

Now, itís time to unravel the amazing features of both digital and disposable camera.

Protective Features:
Both waterproof digital camera and waterproof disposable camera can be waterproof to depths ranging from 15 to 50 feet. Both these cameras are designed to withstand extreme underwater conditions but disposable cameras are usually meant for water activities. They might not have other additional protective features such as shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof abilities like the waterproof digital cameras.

Advanced Waterproof Features:
When itís up to advanced waterproof features, waterproof digital camera offers a wide range of amazing features like hand grip, double locked battery compartments, sealed lens and compact design to withstand average wear and tear conditions, while waterproof disposable camera offers no-slip grip and limited features depending upon its price and usage limits.

Since, waterproof digital cameras are designed with high quality sensor processors, hefty battery and protective rubber seals; they can deliver consistent performance even during long hours water activities, while waterproof disposable cameras are designed for short duration water activities.

Image Clarity:
With superior quality lens, high Megapixel values and processor, waterproof digital camera can deliver high quality images even in low light environment, while waterproof disposable camera may prove to be useless for underwater shooting without flash ability.

Underwater Ability:
Waterproof disposable camera has limited abilities under water like no zoom facilities, poor image quality due to low light environment, blur and distorted images due to optical image stability ability, limited capturing ability due to limited battery capacity and limited megapixel resolution, while waterproof digital camera offers maximum zoom ability, optical zoom lens, optical image stabilizer reduces blur and distortion, unlimited video recording and photo capturing ability, long lasting battery, high megapixel resolution and more.

Digital camera has unlimited advanced features to add spice to your water activities, while disposable camera has limited features and are meant for single use. If you are an adventure enthusiast, looking for a trusted and long-term companion, waterproof digital camera can satisfy your expectation. However, if you need an affordable waterproof camera for indulging in water activities for just once then waterproof disposable camera can satisfy your expectation.

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