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Underwater Housing for Digital Camera


You all must be quite familiar with clicking pictures above the ground, but it is also possible to exhibit your photography skills under water. Taking underwater pictures can be quite a challenging and exciting adventure. However, there is every possibility that your digital equipment might get damaged if there is nothing standing between the surrounding water and your camera. This is why an underwater housing for your digital camera is important.

Many cameras are amphibious, which means that these can be used both above and under water. However, a digital camera, which is meant for dry work only, can also be used underwater by enclosing it in an underwater housing. The underwater housing for digital cameras can be of different types so as to suit the needs of a wide range of cameras. It can be made up of simple and relatively inexpensive plastic or high priced aluminium.

How to Choose

The underwater housing does not work with all cameras, it can use with some model which designed specifically to fit the camera shape and can access all functions after assemble them together. So you must find the waterproof housing which compatible with you existing camera, here are some models that have underwater housing.

       Canon        Nikon        Olympus
   All List

How it Works

The underwater housing for digital cameras is fitted with control knobs, which will allow you to access the camera and make use of almost all the functions. You may also get hold of an underwater housing that has connectors to which external flash units can be attached. Silicone o-rings are present at some of the crucial joints of the housing, which makes the entire case waterproof.

It will help you prevent any potential damage to the camera with the help of visual or audio leak alarms. These alarms will go off instantly as soon as it starts leaking, thus giving you a signal to ascend immediately. An underwater housing for digital camera is generally buoyant, depending upon the port that is being used. However, in case of negative buoyancy, you can also make use of buoyancy arms.


Avoid exposing your underwater housing to direct sunlight so as to prevent your camera from fogging. Hence, it is advisable to keep it covered with a wet towel. The problem of fogging can also be prevented by keeping 1-2 desiccants within the case. After coming from a salt water dive, soak your housing in fresh water for a couple of minutes. Once this is done, dry the case quickly with the help of a towel. Also, keep your dome port covered with a neoprene cover for as long as possible so as to prevent it from getting scratched. In addition to this, make sure to have serviced your underwater housing case once every year.

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