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Canon G1 X Underwater Housing


Canon G1 X is an advanced digital camera which has been improved many features from previous G series camera, G12. It provides sharper and better image quality with more light sensitive sensor which can shoot up to 12800 ISO. It captures full HD video up to 1080p @ 24fps resolution and has larger preview screen. That makes the G1 X more expensive than G12 around 50 percent MSRP.

Canon WP-DC44
Canon WP-DC44
130 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Canon PowerShot G1 X
The WP-DC44 makes you can use G1 X at the dept of 130 feet max. It's durable that can protect your camera from water, snow and dust. It allows you to use basic functions such as macro, wide-angle and panorama mode as well.

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