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Canon PowerShot G12 & G11 Underwater Housing


Canon release new model of G series, PowerShot G12, featuring with powerful technologies especially HS SYSTEM (High-Sensitility Sensor). It has higher ISO speed which is automatically adjusted that makes G12 shoot in low light conditions with minimal noise. Canon PowerShot G12 and G11 body did not differ much, so it use the same underwater housing as follow:

Canon WP-DC34
Canon WP-DC34
130 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Canon PowerShot G12 & G11
Canon WP-DC34 is an underwater housing designed specifically for use with Canon G12 and G11 digital camera. It's waterproof up to 130 feet deep. The controls are easily accessible and designed for easy control while wearing gloves.

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Ikelite 6146.12
Ikelite 6146.12
200 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Canon PowerShot G12 & G11
Ikelite 6146.12 is made of crystal clear polycarbonate for durability and to prevent corrosion. It made for use with Canon PowerShot G12 and G11 especially. It can be used under water up to 200 feet deep.

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