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Canon PowerShot S95 Underwater Housing


Canon PowerShot S95 is a high quality point-and-shoot camera, featuring with 10MP image sensor and 3.8x optical zoom with image stabilizer. It has 28mm wide-angle lens for widescreen image. S95 can record 720p HD video with stereo sound and output via HDMI port. It is compatible with 2 waterproof housing for capture underwater photos.

Canon WP-DC38
Canon WP-DC38
130 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Canon PowerShot S95
Canon released a WP-DC38 underwater housing for use with Canon PowerShot S95 digital camera. It can waterproof up to 130 feet deep and has large dial on the left side of it. Using flash in this housing works well for macro shots.

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Ikelite 6242.95
Ikelite 6242.95
200 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Canon PowerShot S95
Ikelite 6242.95 makes Canon PowerShot S95 can take amazing underwater photos to 200 feet deep. It's high quality compact housing which easy to use. It has the rear control dial for you to operate the camera through the housing.

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