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Nikon D7000 Underwater Housing


Nikon D7000 is a SLR camera that's both professional and amateur photographers know. And many of them have been used because of its high quality SLR camera at an affordable price. It is available as either body only and with lens. The price of body only around $1,200 and includes the lens about $1,500. Because it is a camera that has been so popular, there are 3 underwater housing as follow:

Ikelite 6801.70
Ikelite 6801.70
200 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Nikon D7000
Its body made from heavy-duty clear plastic that make it is durable and corrosion free. This housing was designed for easy control, you can zoom in to the target or start recording video without removing your hand from handles.

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Sea & Sea MDX-7000
Sea & Sea MDX-7000
200 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Nikon D7000
It has luxurious design with gross black body. It comes with 2 holders and controls levers which are in the right position that you can use convenient while holding handles with little move your thumb. It's also compatible with prism viewfinder (optional).

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Aquatica D7000
Aquatica D7000
300 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Nikon D7000
It is the deepest housing for Nikon D7000 that can submerge up to 300 feet (upgradable to 425 feet). The body made from anodized aluminum and coated with highly resistant powder coating. It also has viewfinder for better focus.

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