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Olympus XZ-1 Underwater Housing


The X series is positioned to be high-end point-and-shoot camera. It featured with fast shutter speed and high sensitivity CCD that make it can take quality image even indoor shots with no flash. Olympus XZ-1 also allows you to control it manually like SLR cameras, it's easy to change setting with wheel controller. The monitor displays 610,000 dots for high definition preview at 720p resolution. It's suitable to take quality underwater photos with two housing as follow:

Olympus PT-050
Olympus PT-050
133 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Olympus-XZ-1
This olympus underwater housing can take XZ-1 to the dept of 133 feet. It's sturdy with PC body and easy to use that you can use photo functions like not in water. It also allows you to connect with optional underwater flash and diffuser.

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Ikelite 6139.01
Ikelite 6139.01
200 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Olympus-XZ-1
Ikelite 6139.01 allows you to take XZ-1 dive to 200 feet under the sea. It's transparent housing which you can see your camera inside while using. It has accurate automatic flash when use with optional Ikelite Substrobes.

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