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Underwater Housing for Panasonic ZS20, ZS15, ZS10, ZS8


Panasonic released many point-and-shoot cameras each year. There are some models; Panasonic ZS20, ZS15, ZS10, ZS8 which have similar body structure that make it can use the same housing for bring them under the sea. The cameras in this group are super zoom digital cameras that have more than 10x optical zoom (up to 20x in ZS20) with 24mm Leica lens. It also come with useful functions to help you take better pictures.

Panasonic DMW-MCTZ20
Panasonic DMW-MCTZ20
130 feet Waterproof, Compatible with Panasonic ZS20, ZS15, ZS10, ZS8
This housing is perfect for take photos while diving. It makes Panasonic ZS20, ZS15, ZS10 and ZS8 waterproof to the dept of 130 feet. It allows all features of the cameras and has space enough for lens tube. It works well with these Panasonic cameras.

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