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GoPro HD Hero is a perfect waterproof digital camera for sport activities, featuring with 5 MP resolution, wide-angle lens and 1080p HD video recorder. For use underwater, it has waterproof housing which can use to 180 feet deep. It also has 1 year warranty. It comes with a waterproof housing made of polycarbonate that makes it not only waterproof but also resistant to impact.


It is very small, it has a half size when compare to compact digital camera. GoPro also provides mounting hardware with 3M adhesive mounting base for hold the camera on surf board to capture all moment while surfing. That allows you to capture video with hand-free, so you can concentrate on your activities. This mount can withstand the biggest waves in Hawaii and designed for quick-release and easy to re-position. GoPro HD Hero can record HD video in 1080p at 30 fps or set resolution to 720p at 60 fps for replay your extreme shot in slow motion. It has automatic photos shooting mode for take photos while recording video which can set to take photo automatically from 2 to 60 seconds.

Product Ratings
Features : GoPro HD HERO Features
Image : GoPro HD HERO Image
Ease of Use : GoPro HD HERO Ease of Use
Value : GoPro HD HERO Value

Overall : GoPro HD HERO Ratings
Resolution : 5 MP
Opt Zoom : n/a
Digi Zoom : n/a
Video : 1080p HD
3D Photo : Optional
GPS : No
Waterproof : 180 feet
Shockproof : Yes
Freezeproof : n/a
Display : n/a
Dimensions : 1.6" x 2.4" x 1.2"
Weight : 5.9 oz (167g)
(inc housing)
Warranty : 1 Year

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