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Kodak Mini Video Camera


This Kodak Mini Video Camera has many features to explore that make this tiny camera special such as the one-touch video and audio recording capability or the focus free and simple button layout. This camera is not only small it is also ultra-thin and very light. This is the video camera you will want to take everywhere and anywhere so you won’t miss capturing any exciting action.

Kodak Mini Video Camera

What we like
Portable mini size and easy to use are what makes this camera worth a good look and the great video quality and editing capabilities are what you would expect from a Kodak product. The fact that it is waterproof is just ‘icing on the cake’. Smaller and lighter than a Flip camera.

What we don't like
This camera does not take the best pictures when light conditions are low and the camera is not good with still pictures (appear grainy). Sound playback on the camera is poor because it is waterproof so no-good speakers on outside of camera. When you import it to PC then the sound is really very good.

The bottom line
This is an excellent video camera for taking on vacation with you, so you don’t miss any great vacation-time pictures or videos. The mini size makes it very portable – just stick it in your pocket (even skinny jean pockets) and you are off to your adventure. The price is reasonable and MAC and PC customers are happy so no wars are expected.
Product Ratings
Features : Kodak Mini Video Camera Features
Image : Kodak Mini Video Camera Image
Ease of Use : Kodak Mini Video Camera Ease of Use
Value : Kodak Mini Video Camera Value

Overall : Kodak Mini Video Camera Ratings
Resolution : n/a
Opt Zoom : no
Digi Zoom : 3x
Video : VGA 640×480 @ 30fps
3D Photo : no
GPS : no
Waterproof : Yes
Shockproof : no
Freezeproof : no
Display : 1.8-inch
Dimensions : 2.4" x 3.5" x 0.5"
Weight : 71 g
Warranty : 1 year

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