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Nikon CoolPix S30


The Nikon Coolpix S30 is an affordable and easy to use digital camera that is primarily aimed at families but works for any recreational purpose due in part to its durability, both in and out of the water. Best of all, this powerful little camera takes super high quality photos and comes with a 3x wide angle lens that can help you frame and capture any sort of subject matter, during just about any activity, and the photos generally turn out great every time.

Nikon CoolPix S30

This camera is both waterproof and shockproof making it the perfect choice for families on the go. You’ll be able to take pictures underwater while you play around in the pool and they won't be distorted up to 10 feet away. The camera also makes it easy to create great videos so you'll be able to produce high quality movie memories of all the special moments in your life.

The small LCD screen comes loaded with options allowing you to play with color, exposure, lighting settings and more. You’ll be able to take high quality pictures and personalize them to your hearts content; no more worrying about whether a picture will turn out beautifully anymore. Even the movies you record have this built in ability making it easy to record and direct your own shorts in 720p true HD and then even edit them in post to make your videos that much more exciting, along with and built-in music and playbacks to complete your special show.

If you plug your camera into your TV or PC you'll be able to play with the settings of your photos and videos and create professional looking slide shows that you can save and share with your family and friends. You can also have hours of fun personalizing your photos with the camera's many built in creative options including their Selective Color feature. Best of all you can instantly view how a special effect can change the look of the image.

The camera also comes loaded with a vast array of extra features that make taking photos that much easier, and keep the movies you record from becoming shaky and distorted. Electronic VR stabilization can help you make the image sharp and clear even when you are taking photos in unsteady environments. You can even set your camera to take pictures when the subject begins to smile, making it easy to capture special moments that you'll appreciate for years to come.

There are many features that make the Nikon Coolpix S30 special (including the fun pink or blue colors) when compared to other cameras out there and you’ll definitely want to pick one up if you are looking for a family friendly camera. This Nikon camera is stable, delivers above standard quality and is durable enough that everyone in the family can take turns using it.
Product Ratings
Features : Nikon CoolPix S30 Features
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Overall : Nikon CoolPix S30 Ratings
Resolution : 10 MP
Opt Zoom : 3x Wide-Angle
Digi Zoom : 4x
Video : 720p @30fps
3D Photo : no
GPS : no
Waterproof : 10 feet
Shockproof : 2.6 feet
Freezeproof : n/a
Display : 2.7" LCD
Dimensions : 4.1" x 2.6" x 1.6"
Weight : 7.6 oz (214 g)
Warranty : n/a

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