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Using waterproof disposable camera in the pool
When you are on a beach, you always pack things that are convenient. This includes disposables and single use items which are handy. Taking pictures of fun memories requires a quality, expensive camera, which needs proper care and maintenance. A disposable camera becomes versatile in this kind of situation and even better if you own a camera that is waterproof and disposable.

The waterproof disposable camera is also available in the market, and this is much applicable to underwater use for snorkeling, scuba diving and alike. Also, it can be used in rough conditioned areas where water is present. A photography fanatic would probably buy a lot of accessories for their camera to work underwater, but that could be costly. For an ordinary picture lover, a waterproof disposable camera is more convenient and reasonable.


Save Money - Disposable cameras are also defined as single use cameras. Indeed, they are convenient, inexpensive and beneficial compared to reusable ones. This boxed-type camera is installed with a roll of film intended to use once.

Easy to Use - One benefit of waterproof disposable camera is its point-and-shoot system which does not require manual setting, and it has a fixed focal length lens. Some disposable cameras are usually installed with a flash unit.

Durable - Mostly, the waterproof single use camera is durable and tough. It also has a nice grip that will hold onto slippery hands. Another, it truly comes in handy because though it is cheap, it is still heavy duty. Some cameras of these types can also float on the water surface.

Aside from film roll camera, another innovation was made; for instance, the digital disposable camera. These cameras take digital photos and need to be returned to process the pictures. The pictures are extracted from the camera and printed out or stored in a memory device.

How to Choose

Before choosing and buying waterproof disposable camera, you should always consider its other features and benefits. For instance, a film camera is more advantageous than a digital single use camera. This is due to better quality of photos produced by a film type camera than a digital one. On the other hand, a digital type is given the opportunity to view the photos before processing. Aside from using in waters, these types of cameras can be used in sandy outdoor locations, and even they can be used under the hot sun like in desserts.

Some disposable cameras are not installed with flash, though it is important in taking pictures underwater. Photos can get dark and underexposed when taken with poor lighting especially when scuba diving. A professional photographer would suggest taking a picture with a disposable camera, which doesnít have a flash, between 10 am to 3 pm when the sunlight is mostly available. Also, make sure that the sun is behind so you can capture quality pictures.

Now, you can use this waterproof disposable camera just like an ordinary digital one. However, since itís different from a high quality camera, you must consider ISO 800 speed film to capture fast circumstances without underexposing it. Next, when taking a picture, stand at least 4 feet away from the subject to prevent unfocused picture.

If the disposable camera has a flash, then manually turn on the switch on top or front of it, and keep in your mind that the usual range of the flash is within 4 to 10 feet. Also, do not cover the flash with your hand or fingers as this applies to the lens as well. Of course, click the shutter button to capture the picture finally. Once youíre done, take the single use camera to a photo lab to print it out. Certainly, no other camera will provide you with this much convenience.

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