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Waterproof Video Camera


Waterproof video camera is one of photographic device which enhanced waterproofing ability to reduce limitations on using with water. That makes you can bring it to the pool or beach without worrying about getting wet to record water activities in motion pictures and it can record underwater video as well. Some models have rugged design to enhance shockproof and dustproof features to meet all action. Waterproof camcorder is perfect for recording outdoor video.

Waterproof camcorder was designed to capture high definition video and record to memory card. It uses the same waterproofing principles as waterproof digital camera but less water resistant. Some models have share button for easy video sharing to social network that makes waterproof video camera is one of popular gadgets at this time.

Top 10 Waterproof Camcorders 2012

Kodak PlaySport Zx5
#1 - Kodak PlaySport Zx5
5MP, 1080p HD Video, 4x Digital Zoom, 10 ft Waterproof, 2.0" LCD Display
“It's a pretty compact camcorder with waterproof ability. It's perfect for holiday with friends and family especially when you go to the sea or swimming pool.”

Ratings : Kodak PlaySport Zx5 Ratings
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Kodak PlaySport Zx3
#2 - Kodak PlaySport Zx3
5MP, 1080p HD Video, 4x Digital Zoom, 10 ft Waterproof, 2.0" LCD Display
“I used this waterproof camcorder while snorkeling in Ixtapa, Mexico. The sea wasn't clear but I also got very good images. It's amazing compact video camera.”

Ratings : Kodak PlaySport Zx3 Ratings
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#3 - GoPro HD HERO
5 MP, Full HD 1080p Video, 170° Wide-Angle Lens, 180 ft Underwater Housing
“It's a very nice little camera which can take high quality of continuous action images and videos. This camera is also small, lightweight and easy to use.”

Ratings : GoPro HD HERO Ratings
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#4 - GE DV1
5MP, 1080p HD Video, 4x Digital Zoom, 16 ft Waterproof, 2.5" LCD Display
“I use this cam for outdoor video. It can record while surfing, hiking and dusty mountain biking. The best is that it survive even the activities I made is very extreme.”

Ratings : GE DV1 Ratings
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Toshiba Camileo BW10
#5 - Toshiba Camileo BW10
5MP, 1080p HD Video, 10x Digital Zoom, 6.5 ft Waterproof, 2.0" LCD Display
“It made me can see my son diving in the pool. It gave me crystal clear image and video above and below water when I watch it on my 40-inch HDTV.”

Ratings : Toshiba Camileo BW10 Ratings
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Samsung HMX-W200
#6 - Samsung HMX-W200
5MP, 1080p HD Video, 3x Digital Zoom, 10 ft Waterproof, 2.3" LCD Screen
I bought this waterproof cam because it's rugged, small, quick to operate when turn on. The great feature is built-in USB for easy upload without using cable.
Ratings : Samsung HMX-W200 Ratings
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Kodak Mini Video Camera
#7 - Kodak Mini Video Camera
1/5Ėtype CMOS, 3x Digital Zoom, Waterproof, 640◊480 VGA Video, 1.8" Display
It's not the best video camera. It's smaller, slimmer, easier and cheaper - so I bought it for capturing my holiday at the beach. It's good camera for the price!
Ratings : Kodak Mini Video Camera Ratings
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JVC Picsio GC-WP10
#8 - JVC Picsio GC-WP10
5MP, 1080p HD Video, 10 ft Waterproof, Eye-Fi Card Ready, 3" Touch Screen
It's the largest display waterproof pocket camera which take video in full HD video. It's the fist model that has touch panel control and also easy to share with social site.
Ratings : JVC Picsio GC-WP10 Ratings
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Like most of the other electronic devices, video cameras are also distinctly averse to water. Hence, many people prefer to keep it away when attending a pool or beach party. In addition to this, shooting under water is not an easy task due to lack of appropriate lighting. Even if you leave it on auto mode, it will not serve much of a purpose. Fortunately, now it is very much possible to shoot near or under water by making use of a range of waterproof video camera.

Underwater Recording - The biggest benefit that comes with a waterproof camcorder is that it can go underwater. It can be submerged to a depth as low as 10 feet. However, itís important to make sure that you do not exceed the specified limit which can destroy it. It still has in-built dedicated scene modes which will automatically adjust the settings of your camcorder so as to allow you to film under the unique aquatic environment.

Withstand All Conditions - Most of the waterproof video cameras are not only immune to complete submersion, but can also operate in comparatively lower temperatures and even in dust or dirt. Also, it comes with a rubberised housing which protects them against any potential damages on account of a fall. It is a device which you can take anywhere, without having to face the constant stress that it might get damaged.


Since purchasing a waterproof video camera can be quite an investment, it is best to look out for the one which houses all the important features. Although, it has been in existence since the year 2002, these have undergone a lot of changes in all these years. The currently available waterproof video camera is compact and has faster processers, built-in image stabilisation, higher resolution sensors, wider angle lenses along with higher resolution and larger LCD screens. In addition to this, the present generation camcorder also features non extending lenses and are dust and shock proof.

Owning a waterproof camcorder is not enough; it is also important to understand its functioning so as to shoot high quality videos. Things like exposure control, display brightness, white balance and image stabilisation, must be taken into account while shooting with the help of it. All said and done; there is no golden rule according to which you can have the perfect shot or video. You will have to experiment with the settings of your waterproof video camera so as to familiarise yourself with the best possible settings.

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