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About Us

Hi, all. I like almost kinds of outdoor activities. In particular, water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving or water sports like water skiing and surfing. I also like adventure activities such as rock climbing and hiking. In addition, I'm also skiing and snowboarding for some time. And I feel inconvenient when I want to take pictures for sharing with my friends because I have to be careful that the camera will be damaged from water, dust or even shocks.

After finding the solution for a long time. I found the camera that can respond to my outdoor activities is waterproof digital camera which is water resistant and also withstand to dust, shock and freezing, too. So, I and my friends have created this site to gather information on the waterproof camera whether specification, reviews and ratings to make it easier to compare and decide on a purchase.

We also have information on camera equipment and accessories such as underwater housing and floating strap to fulfill all of your applications. We hope that you will find the best waterproof camera for you.

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